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Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

The characters of “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress” strike the finale pose during rehearsal Tuesday night. A special fundraising performance for Youth Rising begins at 7:15 p.m. today at the Linkville Playhouse.

The Linkville will draw the curtains back on a new show Friday night, called “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress,” which features a wild group of bridesmaids for whom no subject is off limits.

“It’s a great contemporary comedy, and it has some elements of drama, as any time you get five women alone in a bedroom, they tell all sorts of secrets,” said director of the play Laura Allen.

“Set in the Southern home of the bride during the newly married couple’s ostentatious wedding reception, the five bridesmaids, all of whom are wearing the same dress, take refuge in the second floor bedroom of Meredith, the bride’s rebellious, pot-smoking sister,” according to a press release about the show. “The five bridesmaids discuss sex, life and love, along with others involved in the wedding, and come away from a fateful afternoon with a different view of life and the future.”

Allen said in the release that “the play is definitely a modern comedy in that it contains strong dramatic elements as well as an understanding of the absurdities of ostentatiously ‘perfect’ weddings. Anyone who has ever been a bride or bridesmaid will be able to identify with the characters and humor in this play.”

This 1993 play was written by Alan Ball, and Allen chose it because of the number of female leads it requires.

“One of the reasons I directed this show is because there are very few plays written where you have five strong female characters. You may have one or two, but to have five — 'Steel Magnolias' is the other one that comes to mind and I also directed 'Steel Magnolias' for that same reason,” she said. “And right now in the theater we have so many talented women, and so it’s great. For many years we didn’t have very many women, we had a lot of strong men.”

Allen said they had a large audition of 14 women, and it was tough to choose their five leading ladies.

“I had a really robust audition,” she said. “I wish I had 10 women because I had so many, and it was so hard to choose.”

Allen pitched FWWTSD along with another play to join this season’s line-up of shows, but she said all of the leading women this play casts made this one the one to run with.

The five bridesmaids are played by Jordan Solomon, Katelyn Florez, Natalie Postles, Jasmine Klouder and Robyn Pfeifer.

The play features one male actor, who plays the part of a groomsman and takes the stage towards the end of the play. That role is played by Clark Olding, and this is his full-production Linkville debut.

Allen has directed more than 20 plays at the Linkville and produced the second show to take the stage in 1984 when the Linkville opened as a playhouse.

Allen said they don’t recommend the show for children because of some stong language, sexual themes and recreational drug use.

Opening night tickets holders are invited to the theater for champagne and hors d’oeuvres catered by Gino’s beginning at 6:30 p.m. Friday night.

As they finish up final run throughs before letting the public in, Allen said she hopes those who come to see it have as much fun as they have.

“I’m hoping that the audience enjoys the show as much as we’ve enjoyed working on it,” she said.