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2-07 Ambrosia

Ambrosia, a popular rock act that had five top-40 hits in the 1970s, brings their reminiscent songs to the Klamath Basin for a special concert for sweethearts Feb. 15.

Valentine’s Day plans don’t have to end on Thursday for Klamath Basin sweethearts, as a classic act with timeless melodic love tunes arrives at the Ross Ragland Theater on Friday, Feb. 15.

Ambrosia, a Southern California rock act heavily influenced by the music of the Beach Boys and vocal harmonies of Crosby, Stills and Nash, emerged on the popular music scene with their debut album in 1975. Over the next seven years the band had five Top-40 singles, masterfully tiptoeing between progressive rock and mainstream pop genres.

The band split in 1982 after a string of successful albums, tours and collaborations with artists such as Bruce Hornsby and the Alan Parsons Project, but reformed in the late 1980s in various forms. Today, Ambrosia is largely lumped into the “yacht rock” genre of groups, and gained a new appreciative audience for its novelty, but the eclectic nature of their music expands far behind perceptions placed on many artists of the yacht rock sounds.

Now the progressive, melodic, reminiscent pop sounds of Ambrosia come to the Klamath Basin, with a special performance at the Ross Ragland Theater. Touting classic hit songs like “Holdin’ On To Yesterday,” “How Much I Feel,” and “You’re the Only Woman (You & I),” the current lineup includes three original members and three new additions crossing generations in appreciation of the Southern California sound that defies decade designation as solely a ‘70s classic rock act.

Several ticket options are available for the concert, including a VIP backstage pass. Tickets, before transaction fees, are available at $27, $38, $52, or the $72 VIP through the Ross Ragland Theater box office or online at

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