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Here’s my favorite memory of Ross Perot: During his 1992 run for the White House, he kept pointing out that Capitol Hill was the only workplace in America where the employees could park their cars but the owners couldn’t.

Plastic is everywhere. It is not merely that the material, rarely used in consumer products before 1950, has become ubiquitous in the homes, cars and offices Americans inhabit.

It was as if nice, old Joe Biden was out on the street begging for votes when Kamala Harris walked by with a 50-pound handbag and slammed him on the head. He didn’t recover immediately and might or might not make a comeback, but the day was hers, a triumph for fraudulent bullying.

Near the end of his life, Thomas Jefferson described the Declaration of Independence as “an expression of the American mind.” On Independence Day, Americans should remember not only the Founding Fathers and the Revolutionary War but, more important, the fundamental principles and ideals that…

President Donald Trump recently did a wrong thing, then a right thing, then another right thing, then another right thing and a wrong thing in trying to keep the evil, terroristic, conniving leaders of Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom generated incredulity in April when he said long-dawdling state lawmakers must lead the policy debate on dealing with the vast cost of wildfires. He said leaving out his “personal opinions” would make it easier to find solutions.

One of the biggest concerns in recent decades has been the “hollowing out” of middle-wage, middle-skill jobs. Employment at the low and high ends of the income scale has risen faster, and many jobs that have traditionally supported the middle class have suffered by comparison, with ramificat…