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Different Subjects: The Consumer Protection Agency is being undermined at every turn while many Republican leaders want to abolish it.

While “payday” lenders exploit the poor and disadvantaged with loans carrying annual interest rates as high as 400 percent, then trapped in a lifelong cycle of debt...meanwhile, drug companies are trying to lock in outrages drug prices...and Trump is doing nothing about it!

Partisan leadership is attacking Trump’s former lawyer's testimony against Trump saying he’s lying, but why would he about such things given he would likely be pardoned by Trump. Contrarily, given his damning testimony of the president be sentenced to years in prison.

Fake News or Fake President: One can’t help but wonder with all the contentions if the current presidency itself is illegitimate...and if not in fact, but indeed and spirit.

Regarding the article describing how great the economy been; I have a great diversity of small investments and all of them lost money over 2018.

Seems everything's hyped and rigged in behalf the wealthy, while the rest of us can’t even keep up with inflation or receive peon returns ...if any.

Since 2005, the oil and gas industry has fracked more than 137,000 wells, used over 6 billion pounds of chemicals (including potential carcinogens), and produced billions of gallons of wastewater, yet the fracking industry is exempt from regulation by the EPA!

Global warming normal?: It’s true warming has taken place throughout history. The threatening and huge difference is it has never happened over just decades but rather thousands of years, which will result in great harm to the economy, health, forests, smoke inhalation, losses of tourism and homes from devastating fires, temperate extremes, coastal flooding, famine and otherwise.

Brad Kalita


Gerry OBrien, Editor