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In Oregon’s Second Congressional District, Democratic Jamie McLeod-Skinner is within single digits of incumbent Greg Walden, R-Ore. Here are the top 10 reasons why, as a non-affiliated voter, I strongly support McLeod-Skinner:

(1) Jamie is a moderate, who will bring a bipartisan approach to a Congress divided along unproductive partisan lines

(2) Jamie is a listener and a consensus builder, who will seek common-sense people-oriented solutions for issues that divide our district

(3) Jamie will be committed and objective in fulfilling the responsibility of Congress to provide checks and balances to presidential powers

(4) Jamie recognizes and respects the wisdom and established treaty rights of the Pacific Northwest tribes

(5) Jamie will make policy decisions informed by facts and science, and by what is right and ethical

(6) Jamie advocates for sensible health care solutions, affordably available to all members of our community

(7) Jamie will address the opioid crisis from the perspective of the best interests of our communities, without divided loyalties

(8) Jamie recognizes that the US Armed Forces play a key role in geopolitical balance and national security, and that our veterans should be honored through actions comprehensively responsive to their needs

(9) Jamie recognizes that climate change is real, largely man-caused, and in dire need for immediate and forward-thinking strategies for mitigation and adaptation

(10) Jamie recognizes that adaptive water management and renewable energy technologies are strategic opportunities for Oregon’s economy, and keys to environmental sustainability.

Please join me in voting McLeod-Skinner.

Antonio Baptista

Mount Hood

Gerry OBrien, Editor