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I find it painful that the Democrats have taken what used to be a neutral voter and pushed him to the right because of the need to counterbalance the push of the left.

If one reads articles 1 and 8 of the Constitution of the U.S.A., you will find the duties prescribed to Congress, none of which have been tended to for three years or more. There have only been the attempts of removing a "legally" elected president and violate the rights of all Americans.

Remember this, it wasn't Republicans that solely elected Mr. Trump, it was also the Democrats and their hatred of him that put him and his policy promises in the office of the president of the United States (POTUS). With their never-ending movement toward stopping the efforts of the POTUS by putting all their road blocks in front of their duties and that of the president, they are securing his re-election so he can complete what should have been done during his first term.

What is emerging from their actions is a growing revelation of the inner workings of a pork barrel organization bent on the destruction of this nation.

Going back through history books and memory, I cannot recall any Congress that has acted with so much malice and hatred for what once was a beautiful country. It is now torn, divided and scattered, with the remains living on the streets of America and Congress has turned a blind eye to it.

Without respect, understanding and willingness to get together and act like "Americans" should act, we will go down in history as the ruination of the republic. This is Chapter 1, how it ends will be up to those that care for America.

Choose sides wisely.

Greg Beckman Sr.

Klamath Falls