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In May of 2017 after they voted to kick millions of American’s off of health insurance House Republicans had a frat house keg party on the lawn of the White House.

Who was front and center in this celebration? Why, it was none other than our esteemed Rep. Greg Walden, smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

Why would Mr. Walden be so happy to take health care away from millions of Americans and 64,000 Oregonians from Congressional District 2, you know, his constituents!

We don’t know the answer because we’ve never been able to ask Mr. Walden since he seems to have forgotten what a Town Hall meeting is. I wonder if it has anything to do with the $400,000 he’s received from Big Pharma?

Jamie McLeod-Skinner believes that care must be available to all in Congressional District 2, that everyone deserves a full range of healthcare choices, and that care should be universally affordable.

Greg Walden has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act many times and will continue to do so if he’s re-elected, we can’t afford to let that happen.

As we head towards the upcoming election, I ask each you in OR 2 to stop and ask yourself, why did Greg want to take health insurance away from so many of us?

Mike Edwards

Klamath Falls

Gerry OBrien, Editor