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The most important issue that affects everyone regardless of political or religious affiliations is our health.

If you are not healthy or if you are disabled due to old age, infancy, actually giving birth, self-inflicted wounds, war injuries, mental problems, missing body parts, and other obvious levels of "not able" then chances are health care and health insurance are important to you.

I voted for Greg Walden in the past. I will not ever again. I have been researching what he and his buddies have done, what they want, and what they say they will do about their version of health care, insurance, Medicare, and beyond, including Social Security.

Extremely wealthy persons don't understand or worry much about those things. Walden seems to be looking for ways to ingratiate himself with the current administration, most persons of which are extremely wealthy. He is involved with and is helping to rewrite health care provisions that will adversely affect most of us in our country.

Walden has had 20 years to help make Lake County healthier and persons better able to stay that way. No agenda for Republicans or Democrats works for persons who are dead from lack of wealth and medical care and insurance.

Wealth to me is a clean environment, availability of work, and actual health, not to mention money for food, heat, and copays. If you are dying of cancer, it doesn't matter if you keep your guns, farms, smoke pot, or love Trump. Trump is not Elvis. He collects money. He helps others collect a lot of money. I never fainted at an Elvis concert or at Trump's visage as a TV star or a president.

You shouldn't worry about your guns disappearing. Worry that you will. Vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Congressional District 2.

Bonnie Jean Gonzales


Gerry OBrien, Editor