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I once received a card with the quote, “Women have always thought like mountains.” It was attributed to Aldo Leopold (1887-1948) the author, philosopher, forester and ecologist.

When I looked up the quote, I found he had actually said that “we should all think like mountains, for they have been around so long that they can appreciate the connectedness of everything.”

I’m not sure how the women part of the quote became attributed to Mr. Leopold, but I like it and think it’s apt.

Women often take the long view, see connections, and consider the views and needs of others as readily as they consider their own.

Instead of asking, “What’s in it for me?,” they tend to think about how a decision or action will affect their family, their friends, their neighbors, people they know and people they don’t know, and people who will be alive long after we’re gone.

I thought of this quote last Sunday at Moore Park, when I listened to the two women who are running for office here in our area, Jamie McLeod-Skinner and Taylor Tupper.

Jamie and Taylor were thoughtful as they answered questions. They didn’t evade or refuse any question or comment. Their answers included elements of what may be in our best interests now and also for generations to come, how we can have discussions so we can get along and how we can begin to heal our precious and fragile democracy and take better care of the earth.

Harry Truman said, “People are responsible for the government they get.” Please remember to vote in the November election and consider candidates whose ideas are grounded in facts and whose good governance would benefit all of us for the long haul.

Vote for people who “think like mountains.”

Teresa Rennick


Gerry OBrien, Editor