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Wisdom tip: Scientist have found that...before something dramatic is going to happen, we are aware of it on some level or “sense” it a moment or few seconds before hand.

Therefore if you get that “gut feeling” or otherwise then immediate take corrective action as it may save your life or the life or another or mitigate some other important event.

The Wellspring of Life: The other day I stumbled on a spring steeped in the woods...Bending down to free an insect in a whirlpoolm I became aware of the enchanting fragrant verdant beauty of the foliage and warm scented breeze gently caressing my skin.

Butterflies, songbirds abounded everywhere along with an ambient freshness and purity beyond description.

I couldn’t help but wonder how such a place could be reconciled with the harshness of life and how I could be a part of and retain such sublime serenity, wonder and beauty. Surprisingly the answer came immediately;

As in nature stop thinking and start being...and flowing. Think and feel what you must while simplifying and purifying the rest...And start breathing naturally and deeply again...Feels so good!

The Eternal Spring: Gazing upon a flourish of wildflowers I also couldn’t help but wonder how such could be internalized?

Again, an answer: Try to be all that gives and is life to oneself and all things. Do these things to eventually realize a inner bounty, richness and internal spring and peace beyond understanding.

You know the experiences, and hardships in life makes us think and learn, while goodness for its own sake, in spite of it all...purifies.

Moving one beyond the limits of the mind to a freedom and “knowingness” and integration with the heart, and thereby wisdom...And a transcendent whole new dimension and harmonious way of being and living.

Brad Kalita