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She was a devoted Democrat across the decades

“If Trump loses the election there will be a civil war between Americans and Democrats.” Sadly that is a common statement seen on Facebook and in tweets thanks to the fake news agents of hate. Can the forever Trumper’s see how un-American they sound when saying Democrats are not American?

On Jan. 1, 2020 a Democrat I loved died at the age of 91. Mary Dusk was my mother and yes she was a Democrat. During World War II as a young woman she volunteered to help the war effort, she answered the call of a Democratic president. She later married a Navy man who fought the evils of fascism on American warships.

That Democratic president who was so un-American he started a “social” program that to this day provides millions of forever Trumper’s a monthly federal payment. Another Democratic president pushed through the Voting Rights Act of 1964 to allow every American the ability to vote since most Southern states with Democratic governors did not want black Americans to overturn their racist Jim Crow system.

Another Democratic president directed our military to drop atomic weapons on the people of Japan according to historians, saved tens of thousands of American troops that would have been killed if the invasion of the mainland took place.

This 91-year-old Democratic mother had five children, one of which joined the Army and volunteered to serve in Vietnam, he was not a Democrat, he was not old enough to vote yet. Mary Dusk was a Democrat when she died and had looked forward to voting Democratic in November.

I was called a Never Trumper, I’m okay with that. Just so you know I am a registered Libertarian and have never been registered Democrat. Do you still think Democrats are not Americans?

David Porter Misso