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Unlike other mental illnesses of depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, personality disorder; recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder is possible. This letter is to our veterans and other potential geniuses dying from embarrassment of being bullied or unable to live among others in a civilian environment.

Also this is my own response to a letter I wrote nine years ago, titled “Some tips to use, if you’re being bullied”; published in H&N on Oct. 7, 2010.

After my diagnosis of PTSD from workplace bullying, I got my own DIY project of training a dog for PTSD mental , emotional and physical support of “bracing.”

I wrote "Letters to editor" from then to present, about a wide variety of topics, sought out doctors, lawyers and psychologists, for an army of defense, self confidence and change in laws, and walked 10,000 steps a day in different environments for strength training — service dogs are priceless if trained to “brace” when falling on a trail or to foresee bullies coming.

This year, I donated a young potential sire to Service Peace Warriors, near Pasco, Wash. They train service dogs free for veterans coming home with PTSD and for others, approximately $32,000 training service dogs.

Result: still breathing after nine years of healing PTSD, it can be done.

Dead people cannot live to tell their story so don’t be killing yourself.

Dawn Wood

Klamath Falls