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I have been debating whether to write this but nearly every day I see this and it irritates me no end.

The city put in some bike lanes along Oregon Avenue and Ninth Street. Why we needed two lanes is beyond me as I have never seen enough bike traffic to warrant the need for a lane each way so as to facilitate "passing" one another.

I know from the drivers manual that personal assistive mobility devices can be used in a bike lane, meaning motorized wheelchairs and scooters — used by those with limited walking abilities. Not skateboards, mopeds or roller blades/skates.

You are not supposed to ride your bike on a sidewalk, and you are not supposed to walk/run in a bike lane, yet I see people jogging, pushing baby strollers, riding skateboards, and families walking together — especially when the Saturday market is going, and people walking; when there is a sidewalk (made for pedestrians) next to the bike lane which is where the walkers/joggers are supposed to be.

I do not object to a bike lane — one lane used for both directions, but to remove one highly used traffic lane on Ninth for the sole purpose of making two lanes for bikes is ludicrous. Now you have restricted UPS, FedEX, fire trucks, Waste Management (you should go down Ninth on collection day), all along that stretch and slowed traffic down even more than the 25 mph it has now.

I would hate to own a business along the Oregon Avenue stretch as I can see how hard it is to get to the driveways to these businesses amidst the pylons.

Get real city. Remove the extra lane and start citing people who use it illegally and make them get up on the sidewalk where they belong.

Linda Doremus

Klamath Falls