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My husband Jacen Jespersen wrote a letter to the editor the other day asking, where Sky Lakes stands on the pump storage.

Although he did not get a reply from the president, he did get a reply from Lauren Jespersen.

Now I don't know if Lauren was representing Sky Lakes or just himself but this is what he had to say: "You have gotten some people fired up about this project. How will it look once they find out that you will get paid to have power poles on your property?"

Jacen replied, "I don't want the power poles." Lauren came back with "Then you should start writing letters to federal officials rather than to the editor. There are only 4 people in the world that can stop or change the project. All 4 of them sit on FREC."

I think that Lauren is wrong in his statements above. I believe it is a good thing to inform the people of the basin how bad this project is. Especially for the people getting their land taken away by eminent domain.

No neighbors of the proposed project site want this in their back yard either. Who in their right mind would want cancer-causing power lines on their property?

I also think Lauren is wrong in stating that 'only 4 people could stop the project.' I think that the developer still has a say in the project and could choose to back out and built something of newer technology and or actually creates new green energy.

Also, the owner of the property could decide not to lease the land for the reservoirs or the water rights. Or they could at least bury the power lines. Maybe the land owner could back out of the lease?

Everyone against cancer and the fleecing of our community please write the FERC commissioners at thanks.

Julie Jespersen

Klamath Falls

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Gerry OBrien, Editor