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Pardon me? Trump undermining our principles

American democracy under serious threat from dictatorship, one person/party rule...Neo-Nazism?

Consider: Defying common morals, accountability and foundations of our country’s principles President Trump stated he had “the absolute right to pardon himself.”

While undermining and degrading the Republican, independent–minded special-investigator, who’s integrity both the Republican Congress and Trump initially, if innocent...why on the offensive?

Trump stated he could “shoot someone on New York’s 5th Avenue and not lose any support”, while praising the world’s worst dictators and human-rights violators. Meanwhile, his lawyer stated Trump could commit murder in the Oval-Office and still not be prosecuted!

Responding to 50 people injured and killed peacefully protesting racism by a neo-Nazi, Trump proclaimed both sides were to blame!

Furthermore, selectively harassing or jailing etc. reporters/news-agencies with differing views (Thomas Jefferson stated without a free-press our democracy is doomed).

Meanwhile, creating political machines while catering to the crony politicians and affluent elitism on an unprecedented scale, i.e. a trillion-dollar-debt caused by 83 percent of tax-breaks benefiting wealthy and corporations...which Mussolini stated how fascist state control is achieved.

A deal with the devil...manipulating the faithful, Trumps seeks to overturn laws disallowing religious groups to donate money to his political aims; undermines separation of church and state (...and Jesus’ advice) jeopardizing churches tax-exempt status, while Trumps character largely is anti-Christ.

Consolidating power seeking to re-write the Constitution to his advantage and limit states’ rights, such as voter initiatives is equivalent to a hostile corporate take-over of America in his image.

Trump’s never swung a hammer or dug a ditch, but through billions...though bankrupt six times, inherited the power to order people around, have his way...or else

The rich kid who never grew up: A recklessly, impulsive, vindictive, exploitative, bigoted, egotistical tyrannical bully?

You decide...At your peril!

Brad Kalita


Gerry OBrien, Editor