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Really, Herald & News? An "oversight"?

When thousands of women are essential participants in local businesses, health care, education, agriculture, economic development, the non-profit sector, human services? Your annual publications highlighting women in business, women in agriculture, women in (fill in the blank) are merely an opportunity to sell advertising, and are no recompense for an organizational culture which views leadership through the prism of white male privilege. It would also help if you stepped out of the confines of your editorial room to identify and work with young and emerging leaders who offer so much for the future of our region.

Kudos to Kate Murphey for her list.

I would add: Betty Riley (South Central Oregon Economic Development District), Diana Otero (Klamath Housing Authority), Leslie Lowe (League of Women Voters, Sustainable Klamath), Beverly Leigh (Walk/Bike to School & other programs), Courtney Neubauer (Rural Organizing Project), Terry Wagstaff (Oregon Community Foundation Advisory Committee), Kate Marquez (Ross Ragland Theater and other projects), Nicki Sampson (Klamath/Lake Food Bank) and any of the members of the Hispanic Advisory Council, Rainbow Falls and Indivisible Klamath.

This is 2020. Leadership can no longer be defined using the template of the country's past 250 years. If you want your publication to continue to be relevant, engage with the people who are actually doing the work of redefining leadership and what it means for the future of our community.

Your newspaper, and your readers, will surely benefit.

Trish Seiler

Klamath Falls