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My advice for a solution: Lock them up

In 2011, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama led the NATO attack on Libya for no good reason. At the time, Libya was called “The Jewel of Africa.” Muammar Gaddafi was killed and this was shown to us on the evening news.

In spite of his faults, Gaddafi was seen as a hero by his people as their socialistic system granted them such things as free higher education as well as home ownership for newlyweds.

Whatever their form of government, Gaddafi used the profits taken from the sales of his country’s own natural resources to give back to his people. Because he refused to sell them out to the central bankers and their various other international corporations, he was targeted for extermination. Since the assassination of JFK, our presidents no longer share those kinds of risks.

Libya is now a bombed-out destabilized country overrun by terrorists.

During his attendance at a recent game of the World Series, our current president who is under investigation for acts of treason was booed by the baseball fans who chanted, “Lock him up.” He had someone else throw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to his arrival.

These days, the bodies of our (manufactured) terrorists are dumped into the sea. Osama bin Laden has now been joined by al-Baghdadi in the briny deep. No positive identification required for these elusive criminal masterminds. But you better get your National I.D. card soon or you won’t be able to fly.

If you’re looking for a solution, my advice would be to lock them all up. It would go a long way in healing our divisiveness as a people and would encourage us to come together and fight against our common enemy that continues to oppress us all.

Stephen Estes

Klamath Falls