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Herald & News reads: Judge limits Hammond Ranches cattle grazing as environmentalist and BLM groups continue to challenge Hammond Ranches.

Where are these people when it comes to thousands of mustangs continuing to overgraze country all over the West due to the continued lack of management by the BLM to control these horses?

Ranchers are targeted by the government groups while the mustang problem gets worse every year. These two groups have gotten completely out of control and have had years to correct the problem.

Question: Who is overseeing these agencies? So far, there has been no penalties or fines given out to these groups.

Ranchers, on the other hand, are given fines or removed from areas that do not meet government standards. Who is going to step up and manage the government?

The general public needs to be educated on how bad government interference has become.

The biggest percent of ranchers take very good care of their property and their animals, otherwise they would be out of business. The last thing they need is government interference.

The amount of damage the horses have caused due to overgrazing has been going on for years with no end in sight. BLM is at the top of the list. This needs to end.

Bill Boyd