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So someone on the city council thinks it's a good idea to welcome the selling of a drug into our community by licensing retail outlets to do so?

According to an article in the Herald and News on June 25, a council person apparently reasoned that, since the drug was already "in the community," we aught to make some money from the sale of it.

The same reasoning could apply to prostitution; it's already in the community therefore the community could license it and, sort of being a pimp, make some money from it. Good grief. "Because it's here" seems sort of a goofy reason. Armed robbery, murder, burglary, assault, extortion, theft, etc., are also here.

What input has the council received from the Blue Zone activist about the affect of marijuana on brain development, etc.? Do these folks think that increasing marijuana usage in the community would be a good thing? Has anyone asked these folks for their input? Perhaps an article in the paper would be informative.

George Warner

Klamath Falls

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