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Please wear your masks

In Response to Rick Zwartverwer’s letter posted May 19:

It would seem that Dr. Z is complaining that the regulations he listed, “masks, shields, inspectors, cleansing, etc.”, were hampering Klamath County from increasing the death toll. That those “regulations” and Social Distancing Guidelines of “no schools or graduations, no team sports, no church services, no family visitation in nursing homes” were preventing the County residents from winning the apparent competition of raising our county’s death rate in comparison to his list of death by automobile, bike, firearm, and lightning. That having “0 documented deaths in Klamath” was a bad thing for our county of 68,238 people. Oh, and don’t forget the risk of death by shark attack, has anyone checked Klamath Lake or Lake Ewauna lately?

According to the numbers, the residents of Klamath County have been spared a lot of health issues and death from the Covid-19 virus by following the recommended guidelines of social distancing, practicing good hygiene, i.e., washing hands, cleaning door knobs, limiting trips to the grocery store, etc.

Yet, now that the restrictions for our safety, health, and lives are being eased doesn’t mean we are “home free” or have won the battle against this horrible virus. We, as a community, should wear our masks when we venture out into public with one another, this is out of respect and caring that I don’t give the virus to you, and you don’t give it to me. A mask should not be considered a restriction on individual liberty or freedom, it should be treated as the right thing for all residents of our county to do for each other so that we continue to keep our virus numbers low at 41 and the death toll at 0. Please wear your masks.

Margo Huntsman

Klamath Falls