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Cleaning up

On the last two Fridays, a group of volunteers has met to clean up illegal dumping on Klamath Falls City Schools property. Volunteers have donated approximately 20 hours to collect and haul garbage from the property between Biehn St. and Crater Lake Parkway.

Code Enforcement Officers Kurt Wall and Richard very kindly agreed to use their truck and trailer to haul tires, mattresses, couches and many bags of garbage to the dump. City Councilman Phil Studenberg paid the dump fees.

On June 26 at 12:30 p.m. I called Councilman Dan Tofell to discuss the matter. I identified myself as not a member of his Ward but wanted to discuss an ongoing issue which is in his ward. Mr. Tofell excused himself from the phone call because he was in the middle of a golf game. He said he would probably call me this evening. I am very sorry to hear that his golf game takes precedence over City business during business hours.

Lorena Corzatt

Klamath Falls