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I would like to send huge kudos to those of us who continued working through this crazy past year and a half and also to those employers who kept us working and those that have actually gotten a job in the past few months.

You see in my opinion having a job is more than a paycheck. It is an enormous pride booster and it is the good old American Way. This way of life so many are living from COVID is not normal.

Unfortunately our government has made decisions during this COVID time that have hurt our country in so many ways. There are so many jobs available, but thanks to the handouts that made so many people lazy and refusing to go to work we now are facing our business having to close because of no employees and we will again be back to no jobs. As if the turmoil with Covid was not bad enough. Come on America wake up, life is not a hand out and there is no pride in living that way. It's time to step up and do our parts to try and bring our once great Country out of a huge hole. Let's all get vaccinated, take these masks off (except where we are still mandated to wear them), get jobs and hold our heads up high. We live in America! Be Proud.

Sabrina Higgins

Klamath Falls