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I have seen Rep. E. Werner Reschke criticized for walking out of the legislative session to prevent a vote on the cap and trade bill. Personally, I am proud of him for doing it.

We currently have businesses hanging on or closing due to the mandated shutdown, but the Democrat-controlled Legislature has imposed a tax on their gross revenue over $1 million dollars whether they make a profit or not. $1 million is not a difficult number to achieve for a business employing multiple people, especially in agriculture, but the bill makes no provision for the expenses incurred in achieving that amount. Rep. Reschke voted against that bill.

The Democrat-controlled Legislature passed a bill providing free abortions to anyone who wanted one. That happened before Rep. Reschke was elected but he has stood against expansion of that bill which has so far cost Oregon taxpayers about $2 million a year.

The cap and trade bill would have added a 22 cent per gallon gas tax which would have automatically increased to $3 per gallon and dramatically increased our electric cost.s If the Republicans had stayed and been outvoted by the Democrat majority, we would have had this debacle rammed through. Thank you Rep. Reschke for having the courage to do what was right for us.

If you look at his record and his endorsements, you will see that he has represented us well. Common sense is needed in Salem. Please join me in re-electing E. Werner Reschke as state representative.

Alan Eberlein

Klamath Falls