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We have just heard that Oregon Tech has canceled their graduation ceremony. This is terrible. They made the decision four months in advance, when people are getting vaccinated and most will have had option for vaccine prior to June. This really upsets us. The students who are graduating deserve the ceremony.

If some people are afraid to attend because of COVID, they are not required to go, but for those family members who want to attend they should have the option. Most of these students haven’t had actual classes for the past 12 months but have continued to pay tuition and work hard to graduate.

If the college is concerned about the number of attendees, they could have several ceremonies breaking it down into departments. It would be nice for these seniors to leave Klamath Falls on a positive note instead of a negative one.

Our hotels, restaurants and businesses could really use the business after such a hard year. I hope they will let their voices be heard about this.

It isn’t too late for Oregon Tech to change their plans and have actual ceremonies for the students. Maybe we need to start a petition to get the graduation ceremony reinstated for this year?

Carol and Bob Mick

Klamath Falls