Just a word to you non-vaxxers who are under the impression that not getting a shot is solely your decision and has nothing to do with anyone else. You are wrong.

Case in point: I need a complete hip replacement. After 3.5 months getting VA approval, waiting for pre-op instructions, doctors appointments and finally getting a date for surgery (Sept. 22), all was a go.

But just before I was informed that Sky Lakes was full with COVID cases and that all their resources were being used and the earlier I could be taken would be Nov. 30.

I’m just one of several who have been postponed because of the non-vax COVID group. So we have to endure as best we can until you folks get well, which I hope you do.

And for the rest of the non-vaxxers, I hope you never get the dreaded COVID, end up in the ICU using every fiber in your body for one more breath.

Larry Harrington