My momma done told me to be careful what you wish for. Such is the case in the push for Klamath County to become part of Greater Idaho.

Here are some verifiable facts about what we would get: Idaho is one of the least-funded states for K-12 education in the nation. This is based on per pupil funding. At $7,610 per student, it is far less than Oregon at $11,340, as of August 2.

Idaho spends about 1/3 less, per population, on public safety funding than Oregon. What a way to defund the police!

Idaho has no property tax limitation. Remember how much fun that was?

If you like inflation on what you purchase, you will love the minimum 6% sales tax. The cost of living may be lower, but changing from Salem to Boise will not change your monthly mortgage or rent payment.

You may not like the Oregon Bottle Law, but driving on I-84 there is a noticeable change in highway litter when you cross the Snake River. Somehow gas prices also are less in Ontario, too.

I agree the city of Portland continues to be a serious embarrassment for Oregonians, but adding the word “greater” to Idaho does not make it any better to me.

John Rademacher


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