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We need to come together as a community and vote 'Yes' on ballot measure 18-120, the proposed lodging tax increase.

This measure will not affect taxes for Klamath County tax payers, this is a tax collected by lodging operators and paid for by those visiting our wonderful community. The proposed 3% increase will be used to increase tourism into our area, which will benefit a broad range of businesses in our community. This increase brings Klamath County into alignment with what other communities are already charging for lodging taxes. Therefore, tourists are not going to choose to not stay here because of this increase.

Currently, only about 20% of the tax being collected is being reinvested into tourism. By increasing this tax, funds will be made available to support all communities throughout Klamath County to generate tourism and revenue from visitors.

The tourism, recreation, and hospitality industries took among the worst hit as a result of COVID-19, and they continue to take hits as we move into Extreme risk again. This tax will go to help each of these industries, and more, recover from COVID and build back for a better Klamath County for the future. This tax could be used to promote events, recreational activities, arts and cultural/heritage assets, parks and trail systems, recreational venues, support museums, and more. Think of it this way, this is a tax paid by people outside our community however, those living in this community will benefit from the funds generated.

Ballots are in the mail now. Vote yes and support Klamath tourism.

Christy Mullinix

Klamath Falls