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Thank you to Michael Koger and Kevin Harter for running your campaigns against the extremely high rates we are charged by the South Suburban Sanitary District. Speaking with many other customers, it appears they may have been over charging for many, many years.

South Suburban Sanitary District knows the campaigns of Michael Koger and Kevin Harter have made the extremely high rates part of their campaign platforms and because of that, the high rates we pay have become a very public topic of discussion. Customers are now paying close attention to that issue. Perhaps feeling vulnerable to that attention, in the middle of this campaign, the directors seeking reelection voted to lower our rates, next year for one year. And the district is now saying they may lower rates even further, at some point in the distant future.

The timing of this tells us everything we need to know: They knew our rates were too high and, feeling vulnerable because Michael and Kevin were talking about it, they thought you would be so grateful for their “generosity” of allowing you to keep a little bit of your own money that they have been charging you, that you would reward them for it when you fill out your ballots.

But for me and many other customers in the district, we are extremely grateful to Harter and Koger for applying that pressure and influencing the district to reduce our rates, now.

If Harter and Koger can influence a reduction in our rates before they are elected, just imagine how much they will be able to do for us once they are.

Let’s show the District that we are not as gullible as they may think. Please join me in voting for permanent lower rates and solid leadership at South Suburban Sanitary District by voting for Kevin Harter and Michael Koger.

Laura Spendolini

Klamath Falls