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I want to thank Sally Wells for her letter and join in the sentiment. We are in for a long, hot summer of fires, political rhetoric and labeling those we disagree with as something other than human beings. We need to keep the conversation rational and level-headed on all sides. All of us want a good world for our children and grand-children. We just disagree about how to get there. Logic and common sense can prevail over mob mentality and false facts.

I am excited to see our community grow, especially the downtown in spite of this awful pandemic and all its disruptions. In 40 years here I have seen the best and the worst that this community has to offer and like Dr. King I believe that we are trending toward the best. It is an arc, not a straight line. Let us all get through this summer and meet on the other side as we are all walking each other home.

On another note I want to thank Nathan Cherpeski for his great work as city manager and wish him well. I want to also welcome the new chief of police. I look forward to working with him and his officers on positive community policing in our city.

Phil Studenberg

Klamath Falls city council, Ward 1