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The highly publicized infrastructure bill is being beaten around in Congress. It doesn’t seem to be nearing approval any time soon. Why? Well, for starters this nation’s highest level of government can’t even agree on what constitutes infrastructure. The English language can be confusing, but let’s not once again allow the highest levels of our country’s elected leadership to absurdly contort the meaning of words, as in: “That depends on what your definition of “is” is,” or “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” (quotes from a former President while in office).

There is a simple and straightforward solution: Start by agreeing on one necessary infrastructure program, and one only. Let’s start with roads.

Much of our nation’s roadways need fixing. Deferred maintenance and increased traffic volumes have resulted in traffic jams, crumbling road surfaces, poor drainage and various other dangerous conditions. As a result, millions of vehicles have been damaged and many hours wasted, at a huge cost to each of us. Worse, catastrophic failures of elevated roadways, bridges and even road signs have resulted in injury and death to more than a few motorists.

If, for starters, we just stick to roads, not a single member of Congress would argue against the necessity. Allocation of funds and prevention of “Pork Barrel” add-ons will be the challenge. If Congress can’t figure it out and get it done by the next election, then we the voters have a responsibility — no an obligation — to fire them all and elect representatives who can do the job we, the taxpayers, are paying them for.

Laurence Reider

Klamath Falls