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After reading the last two articles about the county/city and Wilsonart’s tax issues, I am calling it the “Wilsonart snafu."

Since moving here in the mid 1980s, I have seen a lot of different government scenarios trying to court different businesses to Klamath Falls. More than once, the businesses came out ahead and the Klamath taxpayers lost.

After all these years, mistakes are still being made during negotiations with potential businesses and we are told “we need to do things different so this doesn’t happen again.” I’m tired of hearing these lame excuses from our so-called leaders. Why hasn’t the person that made the commitment about the tax issues with Wilsonart been exposed and publicly fired? The public has a right to know who is making unauthorized proposals that will cost Klamath lost revenue. Exactly what taxes are in dispute? Property taxes or personal property taxes or what?

Don’t our officials and lawyers have contracts that are signed after negotiations? Who reviewed the contracts? How did this problem go so long unnoticed? Wilsonart’s building is well on it’s way to completion.

How about Aqua Glass, and the “new" customer service building up by OIT just to name a couple. As soon as the sweet deals they reaped expired — boom, they were gone. Transparency, honesty? How about telling the rest of the real story of what is really happening with the Wilsonart fiasco?

And you wonder why government is not trusted.

Bob Shaw

Klamath Falls