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This letter is about the death penalty column, that ran Feb. 16 in the Herald and News.

No — a billion times no — we should not abolish it. Why should a person or persons convicted of murder or murders be allowed to have a room with food, sleep, etc. and have us pay taxes for a new jail? I will not.

They are getting more help than the people homeless on the streets. I know what I'm talking about. We have been there. Doesn't a life mean more than a paper plate?

We should also not let people plea guilty to a lesser crime and be let go for good behavior. I'm sure that the person they killed pleaded for their life, but did it do any good?

I'm sure there are different kinds of murder, to bad we can't do the same thing to them that they did to the victims. I think there would be a lot less murders if they knew they were going to die in the same way.

Dorothy Benson

Klamath Falls