Church says listen to equity task force, rename park

The Klamath Falls Friends Church (Quaker) is writing to encourage the City of Klamath Falls to honor the recommendations of its appointed equity task force, beginning first and foremost with the renaming of Kit Carson Park.

Klamath Falls is situated on the ancestral lands of the Klamath, Modoc, and Yahooskin peoples, who called the area home long before the first white settlers even came to the continent. It makes no sense, in the light of history and community diversity, to continue to support a park being named after a man who massacred a Klamath village and is responsible for the murder of many Native Americans in this area.

We, like many in the community, were surprised and disappointed by how quickly the city disbanded the equity task force. To maintain the hope and goodwill won in our community by the appointment of the task force, we urge the city not to fail in following through on their recommendations.

The city of Klamath Falls can begin to reinvigorate public faith in our diverse community’s welcoming of all its members by renaming the park. The city would do well to ask the Klamath Tribes to recommend a name that they think would honor the original peoples of this area.

As Quakers, we value equality, integrity and community as essential to our spiritual life. We encourage the council to diligently study and move forward on the recommendations of the Equity Task Force and to begin a time of greater equality, integrity, and community here in Klamath Falls by renaming Kit Carson Park.

Members of the Klamath Falls Friends (Quaker) Church

Klamath Falls