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Biden not perfect, but better alternative

better alternativeStirring up hatred is Trump’s trademark. Democrats are not immune from this and they are sometimes guilty of everything they claim Republicans stand for. But hatred? Racism and divisiveness are recorded countless times in Trump’s own words.

Biden can read and write. He occasionally stutters and is prone to verbal gaffes, but mentally incompetent? No, that would again be POTUS.

And socialists? Many others don’t know the difference between communist (Lenin-Marxist) and socialist political systems. They are not all good (Venezuela, Nicaragua) but many are and have been working for some time (Denmark, Portugal, UK, France, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, even Canada). They combine socialist principles with democracy and other forms of determination.

Think the U.S. isn’t socialist? Do away with Social Security, Medicare (in any form), farm subsidies (your taxes for tobacco), and the millions of regulations imposed by both Republican and Democratic administrations. And who is living in luxury at the expense of others? Couldn’t be the Trump family could it?

It is time for us to stop the obsessive party patronizing and select leaders, from any party, that have integrity and our interests as a nation and republic in mind.

Finally, if we want to break the cozy and self-serving relationship between Russia, a genuine threat to our liberty, and the White House, let’s choose another leader. Mr. Biden is not my first choice, but he will be a great improvement over the current disaster pretending to lead our country.

Larry Powers

Klamath Falls