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A strong school board member must represent the community in a seat of trust. This member is tasked with understanding educational issues deeply and creating vision, through a shared history and commitment to our community. A productive school board member must also have the ability to listen to all constituents and take their needs to heart.

A unifying school board member is a team player, who cares about working families, and supports unions. They want educational programs that reach both a diverse community and the neediest of their members. As a recently retired Klamath Falls City Schools teacher, with 20 years of teaching in Klamath Falls, I have seen first hand, how this dedication to our community and a quality education of all children is critical. We need school board members who carry this mindset to create vision and ensure positive growth.

Vanessa Bennett (Zone 3) is a community member. She was born and raised in Klamath Falls. She and her siblings were all graduates of Klamath Union High School and her family has been proud business owners for over 45 years. Klamath Falls is her home and her future.

Vanessa earned a bachelor's degree in nuclear medicine technology at Oregon Institute of Technology, followed by a master's degree at Western Governor’s University in education. She has been an associate professor in the nuclear medicine and molecular imaging technology program at Oregon Tech since 2008.

Vanessa’s education worked well for her and she brought it back home. She is committed to strengthening the future of Klamath Falls through advocating and supporting education and opportunities for the children of our community. Please join me in voting for a school board member who has our Klamath Falls community at heart, Vanessa Bennett.

Erica Stover

Klamath Falls