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I am appalled at the actions of professor Don McDonnell and the Oregon Tech faculty senate.

If I understand the situation correctly, they are unhappy that President Nagi Naganathan did not get their approval to move his office to another building on campus and that they are asking for a significant salary increase.

I thought Professor McDonnell would like to know that my previous boss did not ask my approval when he moved his office. In no corporation or company I know of in this country would a president seek approval to relocate his office. In fact, I think my boss might have fired me if I said anything. I will let Professor McDonnell know when Bill Gates and Warren Buffet get back to me with their thoughts on this matter.

Secondly, a significant increase in salary is not realistic in any business and especially not in these times.

Oregon Tech is a great institution and has gained and is gaining more national recognition all the time. It takes teamwork to be successful. Oregon Tech’s success isn’t due to just one person. It is due to Naganathan, the staff and professors, the students and the community working together as a team. It is a combined effort that makes such an outstanding institution.

I, and many others from our small community, have donated many hours and thousands of dollars to Oregon Tech. We take pride in the success of Oregon Tech and we also share some of the success. We also appreciate the professors and all the staff that have contributed to these successes.

The professors say that morale is low and that they have had to work so hard. Did they tell that to Chris Maples? Do they think that Maples accomplished more than Naganathan has, or that Maples led the school forward more than Naganathan? While I thought Maples was a good president, I think that Naganathan has done more to improve Oregon Tech and is a star.

I am appalled at the actions of Professor McDonnell and the other professors telling Naganathan to resign. If that were to happen, I can’t imagine anyone else of his caliber wanting to be subjected to what the president is enduring.

In particular, we are extremely pleased with what Naganathan has accomplished and has brought to Oregon Tech. The thought of having to go to Salem to fight for Oregon Tech scares me, but Naganathan makes it look easy. Look at the money he has obtained for Oregon Tech. Look at the direction going forward. His accomplishments have been documented so I don’t need to elaborate, but they have been outstanding and substantial.

In addition to contributions by the Klamath Falls community and Naganathan, the Oregon Tech professors and staff should also be credited for the success of Oregon Tech. However, quite frankly, I would prefer they consider resigning instead. To push for a significant salary increase, especially in these times even when many people wish that they had a job, is unreasonable.

Compared to alternatives, I think the staff should be happy. For those who want to leave, good luck finding a $200,000-$400,000 home in a place with nice living conditions and quality, enjoyable outdoor activities. It is time for the professors to be reasonable, or leave.

Gerald Freschi

Klamath Falls