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Many people have suffered abuse during their lives. Many cultures have suffered abuse during their existence.

What do counselors tell patients who suffer with past horrors? Let go...find a way to move past the hurts and look to a better future.

I am not saying we, as concerned American citizens, should pretend that slavery, torture, rape, bullying, etc. did (and does) not happen, but we need to find a way to move forward.

Simply by removing or covering up statues, murals, books and other things that remind us of the past atrocities, does not make them go away. History is history.

By leaving these things as reminders of our past, we can teach our children about the hurtful mistakes made by their ancestors and explain how people no longer accept that hurting others is the right way.

I sympathize with those whose ancestors were mistreated in America and elsewhere in the world. I would imagine it is difficult to find any nation in this world that did not accept slavery as a part of a "rich man's" way of life.

Christians believed that forcing people, especially children, to lead a God-fearing life would "save" them. Many "white" people believed they were bettering Native Americans by putting their children in boarding schools and never letting them experience their native culture and traditions.

Yes, most of us now see these types of things as horrendous and hurtful. Please, let's learn from the past; not try to hide them or pretend they never happened.

It is time to move forward and invest our energies into making sure the future generations never have to go through similar events.

America is truly a blessed nation and I, for one, am a proud American. I am not saying forgive and forget — we do need to forgive; we never should forget.

Jan Ronningen

Klamath Falls