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Immigration editorial had mixed messages

A commentary printed Sept. 3 in the Herald and News by the Washington Post has me reeling.

After extolling the legitimate benefits of immigrants working in America, the writer, not identified, then refers to those living here illegally, suggesting that “there is a sizable part of the country, perhaps a majority, that does not consider their presence here to be criminal, that in fact sympathizes with them.”

Then it goes on to say that the country should not listen to those “dark maundering of demagogic doomsayers” who believe otherwise. I had to grab a dictionary before cringing and crawling back into my hole.

But there’s more than one message here. One, that those who object to illegal immigrants living here and receiving government benefits are in the minority, two, that those who do feel this way are racists, and three, a message to the global community that they can come to America, ignore our borders and disregard our laws, and that liberal journalists and politicians will gladly pay for their benefits out of their own pockets.

The sarcasm is warranted.

I disagree that the majority of Americans are OK with illegal immigrants living permanently in this country and receiving government benefits or, that believing so, makes them racists, even though that’s how liberals play it to quash the conversation.

Of course racism plays a part, but America has never blamed people for seeking a better life, or for taking advantage of whatever opportunities that are legitimately available to them, and America has always welcomed people to this country, no matter their heritage, race, religion or political leanings, when they use the proper channels and honor their visa agreements, and we Americans always celebrate with those who decide to take the oath to become citizens.

That’s what America is all about.

Calvin Sale

Klamath Falls