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Flashback to the “endangered” Spotted Owl issue, fabricated by wealthy environmentalists who had never fired a Daisy BB gun or set foot in a Northwest forest, resulting in the government confiscation of millions of acres of forest land — How has that worked out for us thus far?

Answer: we have lost thousands of good paying logging and timber jobs. We import timber from Canada. The Spotted Owl is still facing extinction, not because of man but because of another owl and inbreeding.

The government is not managing our forest resources in our best interest, but in theirs. Much of the out-of-control fires (like Chetco near Brookings) is due to government (U.S. Forest Service) mismanagement of millions of acres of forest land.

Millions of dollars go into the pockets of government bureaucrats when these fires exceed 5,000 acres. They manage very little in the form of fire prevention or harvest for jobs, then let the fires burn out of control to enhance their own job security.

The Chetco fire started on July 12 on a few acres and was "watched" for 30 days until it became a profitable fire to fight. Today, over 100,000 acres have burned and is less than 10 percent contained.

The 747 supertanker which could have put Chetco out a month ago if Oregon had approved it, is now flying missions in California. It is an incredible machine equivalent of three of the largest tankers now in use.

It was offered to us months ago but the masterminds in Salem are paralyzed by stupidity, incompetence, and government red tape.

So who is the enemy here? The individuals in the private sector who create real jobs and manage their property accordingly, or government bureaucrats who create nothing and destroy almost everything they touch at the cost to us, the taxpayers?

Elections have consequences.

Scott Samuel

Klamath Falls