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This is response to Randy Shaw's thoughtful and moving letter regarding the pipeline and the contribution the company is making to southern Oregon.

Yes, they are proposing a partnership. And the result of the partnership is building a pipeline for natural gas to make its way to international markets for consumption.

Fossil fuels, like natural gas, need to stay in the ground. Yes, I know, it's cleaner than coal. That's not good enough.

As a world, as a nation, as a state, as a region, as members of a community, as citizens we need to have our values of loving concern for future generations outweigh the relatively short term financial challenges we face today.

Let's build partnerships with renewal energy production companies. Let's be a voice for solar, for wind, for geothermal energy.

We can do better than a pipeline to our own extinction. Let's be able to look our children and grandchildren in the eyes and know we put loving them before our love of money. Let's find a way forward that leaves carbon based fossil fuels in the ground.

Ben Piper

Klamath Falls

Gerry OBrien, Editor