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Fact-check the President

Thank you for finally putting in an article fact checking the president’s state of the union address, though it really should have been on the front page rather than buried on page A6. Better yet, it should have been incorporated into the original article on the address, side by side with the false or misleading claims. Thomas Jefferson wrote often on the need for an informed electorate in order for democracy to thrive. We need to be voting on facts, not emotion, or we will end up in the dust bin of history.

Economy: “The U.S. economy indeed is healthy. But gains have largely followed along the same lines of an expansion that started more than a decade ago under President Barack Obama.”

Immigration: “As for ending ‘catch and release,’ Trump actually expanded that policy last year…”

Jobs and Trade: “The U.S. Federal Trade Commission examined USMCA deal…and estimated that the deal would only add 28,000 auto industry jobs six years after the deal is put in place,” not the 100,000 claimed by Trump.

Health Care: If Trump will always protect the pre-existing conditions clause of the ACA, why is he part of a law suit that will kill the program? Where is a replacement plan after 3 years of his presidency? Do you really think insurance companies experiencing record profits will voluntarily put that in?

Those are just a few, and nowhere was climate change addressed in his speech. A majority of Americans, 73%, agree it is happening and are worried about it. The only ones denying it are those who stand to lose income from fossil fuels. Seventy three percent agreeing on anything these days is huge, and we need to demand our elected officials act on this emergency.

Helen Mansfield

Klamath Falls