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I am a retired, level one trauma nurse of many years trying to get media to address the cover ups and harm around the use of electroshock or ECT. It is being performed at an alarming rate and for many things. It has no FDA testing for either safety or effectiveness. This involves up to 450 volts to the brain and greater.

There are lawsuits taking place around the devices that are now national. There are firms interviewing for medical malpractice, as every procedure has been proven in court to cause a traumatic brain injury similar to the NFL injuries. The same devices are still being used, and patients are not being warned.

There are also two lawsuits filed against the FDA, but all are silent to address secondary to a societal power structures, and we with psychiatric histories, hold little credibility.

Doctors are culpable, and are criminally failing in their duty to warn, protect, and not cause harm. There are billions involved in the U.S. annually around this and major media will not touch this.

It is being performed at leading institutions. This is being used on our veterans, our children and also women in pregnancy. This is trauma pure in simple, not help. A layman knows the truth of these outcomes that will come to light.

Please see for more information.

Deborah Schwartzkopff