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Death penalty should go to voters

I fully agree with the man in the Aug. 15 letter about letting people vote for the death penalty or against it.

I think the government should be for us people not for themselves.

Why should murderers get three meals a day, bed and extras and get out in 10 or more years when the victims can never come back? They are treated better than people on the streets. Then we wouldn’t need more jails to build by us taxpayers.

On another subject, why are we forced to pay for dams to be removed if the most of us don’t want them removed; more control.

I wonder why there isn’t a cover for the jet boats in Grants Pass?

What’s new about men getting paid more than women getting paid for the same work? We have families, too.

Why doesn’t food stamps have a different stamps for things like dish soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc.?

Just my opinion as usual.

Dorothy Benson

Klamath Falls