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Dam removal won’t help salmon return

Please remember to vote no on the Klamath County advisory ballot regarding removal of Klamath dams. The removal of the dams — the largest dam removal project in history — would result in catastrophic damage to this wonderful river and do nothing to advance the cause of salmon.

The salmon were never in the upper basin because the water is too shallow and warm for salmon propagation. If the proponents actually believe the salmon will survive then why don’t they accept the challenge to prove it by using trucks and haul them for the next few years to see if the salmon actually survive.

The science used by the Department of Interior in the Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report was corrupted in order to justify politically motivated ends.The salmon use currently only approximately 40 percent of the lower Klamath cold water spawning areas based on the DOI’s own studies.

This makes no economic or environmental sense.

Save the dams, save the salmon and vote no on the advisory ballot and keep the dams in place.

Richard Marshall

President Siskiyou County Water Users