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The Oregon Legislature is going to try to pass a "Cap and Trade" climate bill to try to combat "climate change,"which they claim is caused by carbon dioxide (CO2) from burning fossil fuels.

No matter how you cut it, this is a tax on fossil fuels You know, the stuff you put in your gas tank of your car. Eighty-five percent of our energy (98% of our transportation energy) comes from fossil fuels. Since modern society depends on energy, this will effect every segment of our economy; raising the cost of everything.

Check out a few items that may be of interest: Current levels of CO2 are estimated at 415 parts per million (PPM). Water vapor, also a "green house gas" averages about 25,000 PPM. Which do you think has more effect? There are also the solar cycles (Milankovich cycles) which correlate closely with Antarctic ice cores covering a period of 800,000 years.

Legislative Concept 19 would have CO2 lowered below 1990 levels of approximately 350 PPM 45% by 2035 and 80% by 2050, 192 PPM and 70 PPM respectively. Agricultural production would be drastically reduced with this reduction in plant growth caused at the first level. The second level would be impossible because the CO2 level would be well below the level plant life can live; killing the planet. In either case these goals are not realistically achievable.

Some climate scientists, for example Dr. Patrick Moore of Stanford University, think we should have much more CO2 suggesting optimal plant growth levels would be around 2000 PPM; needed for feeding a growing world population.

LC 19 would of necessity create a gigantic bureaucracy creating rules with the power of laws invading every sector of society and controlling our lives. The Democrats seem to be trying to scare today's children into accepting a totalitarian top down society.

Steve Rapalyea