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I have been a proud Oregonian for the last 20 years now. I have loved the beauty Oregon offers with its lakes, forest and beaches, but I fear that Oregon's beauties are in danger.

Every year we see more and more forest fires, lower lakes, and an overall worsening condition across the state. Pollution and climate change are a clear threat to all Oregonians who, like me, love the state and want to preserve it.

We need to take a stand against pollution and help protect our state. The Clean Energy Jobs bill is a wonderful step in the right direction.

The Clean Energy Jobs bill aims to put a price on the climate pollution Oregon is facing and invest proceeds back into our local communities, especially into the communities who need it most.

It will provide around 50,000 new jobs for Oregon citizens while eliminating 550 metric tons of climate pollution. We need our lawmakers to work with us and for us leading the way to a better Oregon.

Please pass the bill and do what is best for Oregon. Clean Energy Jobs is a necessary step in the right direction to combat climate change and preserving the beauty and health of Oregon.

Ellen Smith