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Regarding the Jan. 12 letter of Jonathan Chenjeri of Jan 12, "Inflation isn't the problem." Chenjeri is running as a Democratic Socialist of America — Oregonians don’t need more Democrats in Salem and don’t need any socialists. Contrary to Chenjeri’s assertions, inflation fears are not overblown.

Concern over inflation and pandemic spending in Oregon, or Build Back Better, is misguided. Opposing childcare support, rent stability, and climate change mitigation reflect outdated scarcity fears, and obscure the real issue: the misuse of our national wealth. We should pay for these bills …

Some local radio stations are airing announcements that say one cat can produce 468,000 offspring in five years, and dogs can produce far more. This not not accurate information, though it has been circulated for many years in an effort to scare the public into spaying and neutering pets. Th…

Apparently the Jan. 31 letter writer from Louisiana has a gift. The ability to pronounce whether or not someone is a Christian and then to tell all of Klamath Falls christian churches that they should denounce someone because of a single act.

Again, I am disgusted with your paper. After a wonderful hour-long snowflake parade with colorful floats, coming after a hard year of covid, instead of celebrating a great event in the Klamath Basin there were only two photos of the parade (not very clear either) on the front page.

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