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Integral Youth Services would like to take a moment to share with the community all of the changes we are undergoing. There have been some concerns from the community that IYS is closing its doors, however this is not the case.

IYS’ purpose is to fill the gaps that youth experience which can be detrimental to their growth as a person: physically, mentally and spiritually. We have been providing services to the youth of Klamath County for over 30 years. Throughout the years you may have seen some of our programs come and go, but overall, IYS has always had a core of programs that strives to follow its mission, and serve each and every youth to the very best of our ability.

It has been very difficult to say goodbye to our Youth Center that is located on East Main Street across the street from Mills Elementary. The Youth Center has been the place to go after school for so many youth over the years. It has been said it was like a home away from home for so many.

However, the main purpose of the Youth Center was to provide a safe place for youth to go after school because many of the working parents could not afford daycare or the cost of afterschool programs. When Mills Elementary afterschool program became free, the attendance at our Youth Center dropped drastically. We went from an average of 70 to 80 youth per day down to around 25 youth per day. A major considering factor in deciding to close the Youth Center was that the “gap” had been closed, meaning the youth still have a safe place to go after school which provides most of the same benefits as the Youth Center, and there is no cost to their family.

Another change is that in order to better serve the community, and to be a good steward of the donations and funds entrusted to us, we have moved the downstairs staff offices and the free clothing closet to the top level of the building located on Main Street. Families that are seeking assistance from our HELP Program or any other services will no longer use the 1011 Main St., entrance, instead they will use the 115 North 10th Street entrance.

IYS is still here looking for gaps to fill. If you know of a gap that might be something that IYS could fill, or if you have any questions or need further information, please call our main line at 541-882-2053.

If you are interested in receiving school related assistance in our HELP Department, please call 541-882-2053 to schedule an appointment.