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Colt, Winchester, Smith and Wesson, Remington and others are all old established manufacturers of reliable, best quality and revered firearms that have served our republic and individual citizens for centuries.

The products these companies produce are of the highest quality and durability. Their dependability has led them to be continually sought after by generations for their recreational and defensive uses.

Law enforcement and military agencies worldwide continue to rely on these well-made arms.

Due to the reliability, durability, ease of operation and maintenance they are suitable for competitive and defensive uses. Manufacturers have developed civilian models of military arms that are technically lawful for civilian possession. Most of these versions are totally unsuitable for military use and are not interchangeable with military models but do mirror the arms former and current military members were trained on.

The rigors and abuse of arms in the military and law enforcement attest to their durability and popularity in their normal use and repeated requests for updated models from a known quality manufacturer come regularly.

The manufacturers go to great lengths to assure their products are used responsibly and safely. They do not knowingly produce poor quality, unreliable, unsafe arms that could result in death or injury to any user, companion or casual observer. Those that operate firearms within the safety and operational guidelines provided with each one by the manufacturer are extremely unlikely to suffer any injury other than minor pinching or abrasion from normal use.

Firearms manufacturers cannot predict how the gross misuse, carelessness or extremely negligent actions a user of their product may attempt nor are they able to determine when and how some gargoyle may rampage and destroy or injure human life with their product that was made for solely lawful uses.

There are grotesque and evil people in the world and they will choose any means to inflict injury or death on their fellow humans, animals or property. Often they choose firearms, more frequently they select a bladed weapon or fire, acid, motor vehicles or strong arm physical violence. The list is only limited by the perpetrator’s imagination.

There are those that seek to destroy the constitutional right Americans enjoy over the rest of the world and will do so at any cost or employ any tactic to achieve their goal of reducing our country to the level of one that cannot defend itself and is open to assault from abroad or our own hemisphere’s despots, dictators or drug lords. Political skullduggery, misuse of existing law and outright violence has marked their attempts to destroy our personal and national defenses.

Many politicians have abandoned their oath of office and are openly hostile to certain of the freedoms specified in our Bill of Rights and only embrace those rights of which they approve ignoring the citizenry’s other freedoms. They set about to scuttle all that they dislike and the right to arms is at the top of their list.

They develop permit systems, political “safety” boards of approval, unrealistic training requirements, fruitless background check schemes, frivolous litigation and revenue generating fees and taxes on the backs of the law abiding citizen all to discourage possession and price out of sight the right to arms.

In more recent attacks they are targeting financial institutions that provide funding to conduct business and improve products necessary to stay competitive as in all industry in our nation. Attacks are hatred and politically driven absent any product deficiencies or safety considerations.

Attacks smack of mob or terrorist tactics that use coercion, lying and deceit to forcefully achieve adherence to a dictated method, process or business tactic that would considerably weaken or cause the demise of an out-of-favor or targeted business.

Automobiles are also heavily regulated but are involved in many more deaths and injuries than firearms despite a myriad of safety modifications to reduce those statistics. There is an element of the “Hold my beer and watch this” crowd that will abuse and misuse motor vehicles despite all of the laws, regulations, speed limits and ordinances erected to prevent the highway carnage experienced every year in our nation so, too, with firearms.

Lawfully manufactured products are daily misused resulting in death or injury and some have legal recourse for damages from faulty or unsafe products when legitimate reason exists however, malicious or frivolous litigation has been curtailed somewhat by reasoned legislation.

— Floyd Hancock, a Los Angeles native, retired from the Sacramento Army Depot as an electronics supervisor in 1993 and moved to Klamath Falls. He’s been active in the Jefferson State Shooting Association for many years at their bi-annual gun shows, writing a monthly newsletter and writing grants for improvements to the shooting facilities at the Sportsman’s Park outside Keno.