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Kelley Minty Morris

You deserve elected officials who get things done. As the old saying goes, talk is cheap. Results matters. I’m moving Klamath County forward in an effort to realize the area’s potential.

In the week before last alone, my board colleagues and I secured the downtown Klamath Falls grocery store building to work on getting it operational again. This is huge in gaining access to fresh food and prescriptions for those living in that part of town.

Additionally, working with our partners at the city and in the business community, we are leading the creation of an incentive package to entice a commercial air carrier to the Crater Lake Klamath Falls regional airport. Air service is important to our economic development efforts, the National Guard and to our business community.

Additionally we worked to resolve an old legal dispute related to the Fair board. And that’s all just in one week! Since coming into office I’ve been able to get things done, for example, getting the former road shop sold over a year ago. This cleans up what was becoming an eye sore and gets it into the hands of private business — another win.

Meantime, I’m looking ahead to what is to come. I’ve been nominated to the Oregon Business Development Commission and am awaiting Senate confirmation on my appointment.

This will provide an opportunity to sit at the table in creating statewide strategies for business recruitment and development. If confirmed, I’ll be the only person from this area on the Commission.

I’ve been working with military leadership on securing the future mission of Kingsley Air Base. Kingsley is vital to our economy, and I’m proud to be working on its future.

As a trustee for Oregon Tech, I’m working with the university president and my fellow trustees on a vision for the university involving greater opportunity for our local economy and retaining more Oregon Tech graduates. I’ve always said I’d work for jobs, growth and prosperity for Klamath County, I’m doing that, and have more ideas on areas to continue pushing.

Together, we can:

n Grow clusters of tech companies (example — cyber security). I crafted and secured legislation to bring more tech jobs to Klamath County, the only commissioner in the state to draft and secure legislation this session.

n Get more people working in the kind of jobs that pay well enough so people aren’t living paycheck to paycheck.

n Secure the future of our military base by working with our federal and military leaders to bring F35 training to Kingsley Field.

Klamath County’s unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since the 1990’s. Our building permit applications are up almost 20 percent this year. The number of individuals seeking business related loans and capital is up dramatically.

Our tourism industry is experiencing double digit growth. Things are happening here! We are on the right track, but there is still work to be done.

I ask for your support in May to continue on this path. Please vote Kelley Minty Morris for Klamath County Commissioner, I am working with you and more importantly, for you.

Kelley Minty Morris is chair of the board of Klamath County commissioners and filed last week for re-election as a commissioner in the May 15, 2018, Klamath County primary election.